$50,000 Minimum Business Credit For All Who Qualify. Yes, It's Real!
Personal Credit And Business Credit Programs Included.
Optional Program To Assist In Credit Programs

Learn About The sYSTEM THAT IS Changing Lives DAILY, As We rebuild and revive

BBL (Building Business Legacies) is composed of a talented group of business building experts who have pooled their resources to bring urgently needed assistance to America’s business owners due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our purpose is to help you, the business owner, restart your business, and reach your goals through our successful, self-funding programs, which will propel your business to previously unimaginable success.



See The Power Of 24 Hours Come To Life! 
The First Step Funds The Rest Of The Steps.
Then Each Step Builds Upon The Steps Before It.



Your small initial contribution towards your financial goal fuels a proven system that creates DAILY  and WEEKLY income that can be used to pay for our services, and for extra income for you.  You may stop anytime you want. But why would you?

Millionaires will be made from these smart contracts!

Globally we are changing lives daily because of this AMAZING invention that has led to bringing income to anyone willing to participate. 

Enter a level, you will receive income for life! Use the income wisely and participate in our Business Credit Building & Personal Credit Rehab and Pair that with our “Optional Programs” and you will be ready for Legacy Status!


Your new income is generated within weeks which then begins to fund your Business Credit Building process.

Our commitment is to build your business credit to at least $50,000 *Guaranteed within 60-180 days.

Whether you are a “start-up” or an “established” business,  we help you get the business credit you need.

We encourage you to use the funds we helped build to fund this program.

*Providing you participate and do your part.


For the first time in credit service history, TheBBL brings a product never offered before! Access to the world’s FIRST revolutionary credit platform, Credit Game University. 

Firstly, this program will guide you through building a solid credit foundation. 

After that, flowing to the most sought after ADVANCED credit knowledge in the industry we prepare you for credit greatness with the BEST educational service on the planet!


We place your business into our SBA 7A & 504 

Loan Fast Track system to be first in line when the government releases the next round of relief funds totaling $2 Trillion. 

Because of our system, you will NOT be pushed to the back of the line due to inaccurate or incomplete forms! 

Our Partner is the ONLY company in the US who can package SBA loans correctly, which can be very difficult. 


A short application gets you started. 

Easy Peasy

Our Partner does all the heavy lifting for you.


Have you ever wondered how individuals from poor Nations managed to buy large businesses or expensive franchises here in America? Here is their secret, they work in small trusted groups, and leverage their meagre resources in a way that quickly multiplies their funds.

Everyone equally receives a turn at the gifting, over and over until they're tiny original gift has blown into a pot of wealth. We want to introduce to you an automated system that is well over 25 years old and is running strong. With the way, it's designed as everyone wins. This is not an MLM, not a business or corporation.

It simply uses the power of math in a way you have never seen before, it's proven and it works. 

Always do the Right Thing…Be NOTICED.
Let Excellence be YOUR Brand, let it show itself
…You'll know you did the Right Thing,
then you can walk away…with Peace.”


let's begin your journey to business legacy status

Why The BBL?

Using the PowerOf24Hours® system, Building Business Legacies, LLC created a Business Consulting Agency designed to provide business owners their needed working capital, and other services to rebuild, and even explode their business.  We believe in providing the most leading edge robust solutions, as directly and efficiently as possible.

This highly unique, one-of-a-kind service system helps entrepreneurs to attain $50,000+ in business credit, begin a new life with personal credit restoration, promote your business with the most advanced marketing systems available, and other services every business needs to grow and prosper. 

To begin, you will be taken through a series of landing pages
with videos and text to educate you on how this all works.

At the end of the journey you will be given access to all services and you can then begin to enjoy the growth that is about to happen for the fruits of your hard labor.

There is no risk.
There is no email list.

Our program is pretty cut and dry with the system, options, and with our guarantees.
Collectively we can help restore America's businesses.

We Are Hope. We Are Freedom. We Are Legend.

we are excited to tell you about who are and how we can help you grow, grow, grow!

We understand people are excited about learning more, so we ask that when going through the pages that you PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ & WATCH THE VIDEOS for full understanding

We Are Excited To Show How Our System Works.
Our Daily Webinars Give EVERYONE A Clear Vision Of How To Navigate Through With Efficiency. Simply Click On The Button And Find Your Daily Recording And Enjoy!

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

— Socrates, father of Western philosophy"

What Clients Say

about working with TheBBL Team And How Each Individual Service Brings To The Table A wealth of value

I have been offered many network marketing deals online but I've never seen this before. When you are paying monthly for education, there is no question of the program value so it's legal and ethical... now with the network marketing side where you are marketing the offer and getting paid, now that's a winner. With the ThePowerOf24Hours and the blueprint of just copy the top producers, laid out so simple. You put yourself and your three people in right away, and you're seeing an income very fast. The excitement is so high I can barely sit down. I am inviting my loved ones and church friends so we call flourish in income, be blessed, pay it forward, and enjoy this life God gave us. Even $100 a week helps nowadays but with $2,500 and soon $5,000 a week AND we get the ability to build business credit and fix our personal credit while we are going through the program? Well now that is a network marketing program nobody wants to quit.
Marisela Canton
Anyone who is interested in marketing a business, generating leads online, and an over all soup to nuts system of organizing their sales systems need to look no further than Beverly Gonzalez, CTO of Building Business Legacies and brainchild of the "PowerOf24Hours®". Her systems are a one-stop shop that will generate leads, direct them to sales funnels, and close the sale. If you’re anything like me, 50 years old and technologically challenged, this was exactly what I desperately needed. The internet is full of costly and confusing educational information regarding digital marketing so I am so thankful I found Beverly. I have learned how to implement the most inexpensive and proven online marketing methods, as well as receive a priceless education in this area. Finally, I would like to add that I have been working with Beverly since 2019, and in a world of internet “gurus” trying to take your money, I can attest to her integrity. She is a person that loves helping people and is dedicated to your success and now with the PowerOf24Hours making an impact in America, the skies are the limit.
Bob Bergin
I've known the COO of this company for the last 15 years and she's a very professional person to work with. With over 10 years experience in running a fine tuned practicing law firm, I can highly recommend to follow whatever she is involved with. You will be protected legally that I can assure with Anna Maria on the Building Business Legacies Team and ThePowerOf24Hours System.
Jennifer Thatcher
Former and Current Client
I’ve never seen anything like this. And believe me after 45 years as an entrepreneur I’ve seen just about everything”. I almost turned away from it because it just seemed too good to be true - until I studied it and found out this has already been working for over a year and helped countless people with extra income. The Forex is real, and this leverages the power of numbers to help the average person benefit from the Forex individual side too.
Genevieve Rochester
When I found Bev, I was watching her on her youtube channel and that is when I found out about the FMH program and fell in love with her program and funnel. I'm not very bright in that department, but can make calls like no other. So, sad to see you leave FMH, but happy your here to share another program to help. The PowerOf24Hours is the PERFECT vehicle to help save America.
Jenny Darenger
For almost 8 years I have worked side to side with Edwin Velazquez, CEO of Building Business Legacies. With real estate projects ranging from syndicaties to rehabs and investments, and I have never seen such an amazing product such as the PowerOf24Hours. Thank you for this great opportunity and I hope you will always invite me to many more to come. It is today's technology who is going to win this recession and pandemic that all Americans are living in, once again thank you so much Edwin.
Joseph Martinez II
Beverly has a passion to get things done. She is smart, ethical and goes way beyond what she says she will say and do. I totally appreciate and respect her and her companies ambition that Saturday and Sunday are reserved for God and family. The PowerOf24Hours simply makes everything that much better. Thank you and everyone on the team for making this a reality for businesses accross the USA.
Paul Brauning
Client and MEMBER
This is an absolute gift from above. Until now I’ve barely been able to take care of my own needs, and even when I was younger working extra jobs I still couldn't really get ahead. I used to worry about my nieces and nephews and certain senior friends. The little bit of money I could offer them wasn't enough to really benefit them. That worry has been lifted from me now because I put them into the business matrix too. Thank you for bringing this to the public. This is life changing.
Connie Lawson
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